Scootering at Poor Knights

II always get butterflies in my stomach when I'm about to travel or begin dive training of some sorts. I ask myself if it's going to live up to my expectations, will it be hard, am I going to fail, what happens after this is over? So many thoughts inundate my brain and in this very specific occasion I was killing two birds with the same stone.

After years of diving as a GUE Tech 1 diver, both Rick and I had decided to do our Tech 2 course on the breathtaking reefs of the Poor Knights, in New Zealand. It had all started when Rick flew in Jamie Obern from Tech Dive NZ in January 2016, to recommence his GUE Fundamentals Instructor course. 

What is GUE, you might ask? Well, this is not the time to explain, all I can say is go to their website (Global Underwater Explorers) and enjoy.

Back to my story; Jamie spoke highly of this very unknown location that had these incredible landscapes and marine life. We had not really heard much of it but the videos we saw were mind blowing. We were talking of deep reefs covered in colourful coral and sponges, all types of "cold" and subtropical marine species. Why didn't we know more about this?

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